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iHelios Electric UNDERFLOOR Infrared Heating Film Kit 1000 mm

iHelios Electric UNDERFLOOR Infrared Heating Film Kit 1000 mm

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iHelios Electric Underfloor Heating – Infrared Heating Film Kit

iHelios stands out as the top-tier infrared heating film available in the market. With its special design of clean carbon structure , this film heats up rapidly and uniformly, leading to exceptional efficiency and comfort. With built in PTC layers it cannot overheat as it is self regulating. Ideal for use as a primary heating system, this infrared heating film is not only cost-effective but also highly efficient and requires no maintenance. 

Enhance your home with our top-of-the-line infrared heating film, perfect for installation beneath wood or laminate floors With a thickness of less than half a millimeter, this film adds virtually no height to your floor. Paired with our 5mm iHelios reflective insulation, the total height increase is minimal, making it ideal for new builds, renovations, or refurbishments.

Efficient Heating

Our infrared heating film is designed to be a primary heating system, providing even warmth across your entire floor.

Quality You Can Trust

Certified to IEC60335 standards, our infrared heating film is of the highest quality. With over 100,000 sqm sold, you can rely on our product. It comes with a twenty-year manufacturer’s warranty, but it's built to last a lifetime.

What's Included

Each kit contains:

  • iHelios iH410PTC Premium Heating Film (1000mm wide)

  • iHelios Connectors (3pcs for each 2m of film)
  • iHelios Jointing tape (1 roll / 10 m of the film)
  • iHelios Self Amalgamating Butyl Tape (0.25 m /2m of the film)
  • Wires (10 m for first 3 m of film then 5m /3m)
  • Electrical Insulation Tape (1 roll per kit)
  • Blue Through Crimp Lugs for each connector
  • Installation Manual

Additional to buy: Thermostat, Insulation, Occupancy Sensor,& Crimping Tool
Easy to Install

If you have basic DIY skills, you can install this system yourself, leaving only the final electrical connections to a professional. We provide a detailed installation guide to help you through the process.

Smart Remote Control

Take control of your heating system with the smart remote control iHelios thermostat. It features advanced functions like window opening lock, maximum temperature settings, and energy measurement, providing you with efficient and convenient management of your heating.

Custom Fit for Your Home

Our infrared heating film comes in three widths: 1000mm, 500mm, and 300mm. Our design team will create the best combination for your room, minimizing the number of electrical connections needed.

Contact us for free Quote or use our online Calculator

Get a Free Custom Quote

Send us a drawing of your room(s) with measurements of all walls and obstacles, and we'll provide a free custom quote with the best mat lengths and widths for your space.

Important Notes

Avoid placing thermal blocks (like bean bags, rugs, mattresses, or rubber-backed mats) over the heating system, as they can cause damage to the floor covering, the heating system, and the thermal block itself.

Upgrade your home with our efficient, reliable, and easy-to-install infrared underfloor and ceiling heating film. Enjoy the comfort of consistent warmth under your feet or above your head.

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