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iHelios Living Reinvented Smart Home Devices: Complete Security and Automation Solutions

Elevate Your Living Experience with iHelios Smart Home Devices


Enhance your home's security, convenience, and energy efficiency with iHelios Smart Home Devices. Our comprehensive range of products, including security devices, door sensors, cameras, and automation systems, are designed to create a seamless and intelligent living environment. Discover how iHelios can transform your home into a smarter, safer, and more eco-friendly space.


iHelios Living Reinvented App

You can control your life with one app.

iHelios Living Reinvented gives you peace of mind that you can control everything in your home from anywhere in the world.
Imagine a life where you can control everything in your from your front door, security camera, to the temperature of your home, all from your phone, tablet, or even via your voice, and from anywhere in the world. We aim to support our planet and make life that little bit easier, saving you time and money and providing peace of mind with the click of a button.

  • Wake Up

    Temperature automatically raises to a comfortable 21℃ Lights on guiding you from your bedroom to the kitchen Kettle on. The tea is almost ready, a great start to your morning!

  • Leaving Home

    One button secures your home. Light off Temperature lowered to 18℃. While away a camera secures your property. The doorbell allows opening the door for your package.

  • Coming Home

    All ready for you. Temperature working on the comfort level. Lights on. One button changes security mode. You can relax and enjoy your smart home environment, while your home is safe and secure.

  • Good Night Time

    Automatically or with one button press prepare your house for nighttime. Protecting outside and the entrance of your home for cosy sleep. Lowering temperature for a good night's rest. Sleep peacefully knowing your home is safe.

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