Collection: iHelios Infrared PTC Premium Heating Kits

Do you want a reliable heating system that is energy-efficient, hidden, easy to install, and controlled from anywhere? Choose one of our iHelios Infrared Smart Heating Kits for a perfect solution! Experience the comfort of advanced infrared heating with our full kit solutions for both ceiling and underfloor installations.  It is based on carbon nanotechnology, which turns electrical energy into far infrared waves that are emitted into space as heat. Instead of heating and drying the air, the iHelios Smart Heating system directly heats objects and people, emitting warmth that provides a natural and comfortable sensation similar to sunlight on our skin.
The ease of installation and maintenance-free operation of our system make it an ideal smart heating solution for a wide range of properties, both residential and commercial. No maitenance required for iHelios Infrered Heating System .Transform your space effortlessly and enjoy the natural, sun-like warmth with iHelios.