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Choosing the Right Infrared Heating Film

Choosing the Right Infrared Heating Film: iHelios Living Reinvented vs. Transparent Type

When it comes to heating your space efficiently and reliably, the choice of heating film is crucial. On the market today, you'll find a variety of options, including premium heating films like iHelios Living Reinvented and the more budget-friendly ladder-type heating films. While the lower price of ladder-type films can be tempting, it’s important to consider the long-term implications of your investment.

The True Cost of Budget Options

Opting for a seemingly cheaper product can lead to numerous inconveniences down the road. These can range from unexpected breakdowns to increased costs due to higher energy consumption. Ladder-type heating films, for example, typically have about 10% lower efficiency compared to their premium counterparts. This means they consume more energy to provide the same amount of heat, which adds up over time.

Moreover, these budget options come with a significantly shorter lifespan—up to five times less than high-quality alternatives. This results in more frequent replacements and additional labour costs. Additionally, the performance of ladder-type films tends to degrade gradually, making it harder to notice issues until they become serious problems.

The Importance of Reliability

For places like hotels or rental apartments, where a reliable heating system is crucial, the drawbacks of ladder-type heating films become even more apparent. Issues such as uneven heating or long wait times to reach the desired temperature can frustrate guests and tenants alike. These films also struggle in high-temperature environments, which can lead to reduced insulation durability and more frequent failures.

Despite manufacturer claims of a 10-year lifespan, these figures are often artificially inflated by importers and distributors, putting both the distributor and the investor at risk.

Why Choose iHelios Living Reinvented®?

When investing in a heating system designed to last for many years, compromises and apparent savings should be avoided. Choosing premium iHelios Living Reinvented® heating films means opting for a product that ensures complete thermal and psychological comfort.

iHelios Living Reinvented films come with a 20 years warranty, offering peace of mind and superior performance. This high-quality solution is designed to withstand the test of time, providing consistent and efficient heating without the headaches associated with lower-end products.


In the end, the choice is clear. While budget options might seem appealing initially, the long-term benefits of investing in high-quality, reliable heating films like iHelios Living Reinvented far outweigh the short-term savings. Make a conscious choice for your comfort and peace of mind—choose premium quality and enjoy the lasting benefits.

     iHelios Premium Heating Film  V  Transparent strip film                                                                                


    iHelios PTC Pro:       ~99%    

Other: ~90%



  Approximately 50 years   

  Approximately 10 years   


Carbon nanofiber secured with multiple layers including nonwoven fabric, polyurethane, PET film, and a hardener.

Carbon strips between two layers of PET film


Heats the entire surface.

Only the carbon strips heat up.


Very fast.

Up to 20% longer compared to iHelios film.


Even heating across the entire surface of the heating film.

Surface divided into active areas (carbon strips) and passive areas (PET film).


High-temperature pressing

Spraying carbon strips onto PET film.


Conductive polymer connected to a silver-plated plate.

Mechanical compression poses a risk of sparking.

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