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iHelios Living Reinvented

iHelios Underfloor Infrared Heating Film iH410PTC / per 1m

iHelios Underfloor Infrared Heating Film iH410PTC / per 1m

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iHelios iH410 PTC Infrared Heating Film 1000mm 

The iHelios heating system is ideal for heating both small bedrooms and entire houses. This environmentally friendly alternative to conventional heating uses carbon nanotechnology to emit infrared radiation, providing direct, sun-like warmth to objects and people without drying the air. Its flexible installation suits various properties, including caravans, commercial spaces, homes, log cabins, new builds, and retrofits. Easy to install, highly efficient, and maintenance-free, iHelios is a top heating solution.



- Flexible Application: Supplied in a single roll for easy, adaptable installation.

- Energy Efficient: PTC film regulation and room-specific thermostats, managed via the Living Reinvented app, optimize energy use and save money.

-Space Maximization: Hidden underfloor or in ceiling allows full use of all space without design constraints.

- Zero Maintenance: Comprising only four components with no moving parts, it requires no maintenance once installed.

- 20-Year Guarantee: Provides peace of mind with long-term reliability.


Technical Specifications:

- Current: 110-250V

- Heat Resistance: 100°C

- Max Current: 1A/sqm

- Max Power: 220W/sqm

  • Max Temperature: 55°C

- Thickness: 0.5mm


- Underfloor

- Price per 1 meter.

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